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Current Issue: May 2016, Vol 14, No 3
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Title: Interventional mechanisms of herbs or herbal extracts on renal interstitial fibrosis
Authors: Jia Xia, Li-qun He, Xiao Su
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 454 Accesses
Research Articles▲top
Title: Knowledge, attitude and practice of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus towards complementary and alternative medicine
Authors: Sulaiman Al-Eidi, Salwa Tayel, Fatima Al-Slail, Naseem Akhtar Qureshi, Imen Sohaibani, Mohamed Khalil, Abdullah Mohammad Al-Bedah
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 647 Accesses
Title: Repeated cupping manipulation temporary decreases natural killer lymphocyte frequency, activity and cytotoxicity
Authors: Boris V. Dons’koi, Viktor P. Chernyshov, Dariia V. Osypchuk, Sergiy M. Baksheev
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 473 Accesses
Title: A homeopathic nosode, Hepatitis C 30 demonstrates anticancer effect against liver cancer cells in vitro by modulating telomerase and topoisomerase II activities as also by promoting apoptosis via intrinsic mitochondrial pathway
Authors: Jesmin Mondal, Jayeeta Das, Rajesh Shah, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 513 Accesses
Title: Celastrol targets IRAKs to block Toll-like receptor 4-mediated nuclear factor-κB activation
Authors: Yu-fan Shen, Xue Zhang, Ying Wang, Fan-fan Cao, Georges Uzan, Bin Peng, Deng-hai Zhang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 410 Accesses
Title: Hazards of insomnia and the effects of acupuncture treatment on insomnia
Authors: Yu-fang Lin, Zhi-dan Liu, Wen Ma, Wei-dong Shen
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 640 Accesses
Global Views▲top
Title: The legendary life of Dr. Gim Shek Ju, the founding father of the education of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the United States
Authors: Arthur Yin Fan
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 397 Accesses
Study Protocols▲top
Title: Adjunctive acupuncture for pain and symptom management in the inpatient setting: protocol for a pilot hybrid effectiveness-implementation study
Authors: Maria T. Chao, Alexandra Chang, Sanjay Reddy, James D. Harrison, Joseph Acquah, Miria Toveg, Trilce Santana, Frederick M. Hecht
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 504 Accesses
Title: Evaluation of the effect of acupuncture on hand pain, functional deficits and health-related quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis—A study protocol for a multicenter, double-blind, randomized clinical trial
Authors: Susana Seca, Sebastian Kirch, António S. Cabrita, Henry J. Greten
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 481 Accesses

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