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Selected Issue: 2003 No 4
Expert Forum▲top
Title: Discussion on definition of "traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine integration" and "integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine"
Authors: CHEN Shi-Kui
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16363 Accesses
Title: Establishment and development of clinical theory for integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine
Authors: LIU Lu-Ming
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14244 Accesses
Title: History and causes of acupuncture advancing towards the world
Authors: WU Gen-Cheng, CAO Xiao-Ding
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17002 Accesses
Youth Forum▲top
Title: Recognition on toxicity of traditional Chinese drugs
Authors: YU Chao-Qin
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17766 Accesses
Title: Pathogenic factors of blood circulation disturbance in lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and mechanism of Tuina manipulation in promoting circulation
Authors: HUANG Shi-Rong, SHI Yin-Yu, SHI Guan-Tong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14618 Accesses
Original Article-Clinical Research▲top
Title: Influence of cervical curvature change on the nerve root and vertebral artery of patients with cervical spondylosis and clinical observation of manipulation treatment
Authors: WEI Gui-Kang, WEI Jian, ZHOU Hong-Hai, ZHOU Bin-Bin, CHEN Feng, HUANG Rong, LI Xin-Jiao
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13492 Accesses
Title: An transcranial Doppler ultrasonography and X-ray study of cervical vertigo patients treated by manipulation in supine position
Authors: CHEN li, ZHAN Hong-Sheng
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14799 Accesses
Title: Retrospective study of the relationship of height difference and bone density of postmenopausal women
Authors: XIONG Yan-Hao, DU Ning, CHEN Wei-Zhen, LIU Tao, TANG Xu-Sheng
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14382 Accesses
Title: Clinic reaseach on heroin de-addiction effects of acupuncture and its potentiality of preventing relapse
Authors: WU Jun-Mei, WEI Dong-Yan, LUO Yong-Fen, XIANG Xiao-Yong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16606 Accesses
Original Article-Experimental Research▲top
Title: Regulation effects of Gegen recipe and Guizhi recipe on expression of IL-1β, iNOS, TNFα, TGFβ mRNA in degenerated cervical intervertebral disk in rabbits
Authors: WANG Yong-Jun, SHI Qi, ZHOU Chong-Jian, HOU Bao-Xing, LIU Mei, MO Wen
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15852 Accesses
Title: Effect of Yiqi Huayu Recipe on regeneration process after L5 nerve root compression in rats
Authors: ZHOU Chong-Jian, WANG Yong-Jun, SHI Qi, HOU Bao-Xing, LIU Mei
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 22075 Accesses
Title: Influence of electro-acupuncture of Neiguan on plasmic concentrations of NO and TNFα in endotoxin shock rats
Authors: LI Hui, LI Chun, DU Shao-Hui, LI Yi-Wei, CHEN Dong-Feng
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15981 Accesses
Title: Effect of Wuling Powder on rats with renal hypertension
Authors: HAN Yu-Ping, WANG Ning-Sheng, MI Sui-Qing, LIU Qi-De
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15521 Accesses
Title: Experimental study on effects of herbs for nourishing and smoothing the liver in reversing bile lithogenicity of guinea pig
Authors: ZHANG Jing-Zhe, YUAN Zuo-Biao, GAO Ju, ZHANG Xue-Lin, SHEN Ping, JIAO Yong-Zheng, ZHU Pei-Ting
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13893 Accesses
Title: Effect of Chinese and western medicine integration on spinning behavior of rats with Parkinson disease
Authors: HE Jian-Cheng, YUAN Can-Xing, WEI Hong-Chang, CHEN Ru-Xing
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19038 Accesses
Title: Medical value of isoflavones
Authors: DU Ning, XU Yong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17523 Accesses
Title: Recent advances of research on warming therapy
Authors: YAN Jian-Yun, WU Wei-Kang, HOU Can
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13866 Accesses
Title: History and development of spinology
Authors: SHI Qi, WANG Yong-Jun
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19850 Accesses
Short Communication▲top
Title: Clinical analysis of 82 cases of ectopic pregnancy treated by methotrexate combined with traditional Chinese recipe
Authors: WEI Feng-Ying, CHEN Hui-Fang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13318 Accesses
Title: Treatment of reflux esophagitis by Xuanfu Daizhe Decoction combined with pantoprazole or omeprazole: A comparative study
Authors: WANG Chang-Hong, WANG L i-Xin, YANG Zhuo, CHEN Shanquan, ZHU Hong, NU Yu-Ping
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13389 Accesses
Title: Effect of Tuina on rehabilitation of physical strength for football sportswomen
Authors: HU Bing-Lin, WANG Chen
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15103 Accesses
Title: Clinical application of explaining Ziwu Liuzhu therapy through diagrams
Authors: GUAN Zun-Hui, DING LI-Ling, GUO Cui-Ping, YE Jian, YI Rong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15543 Accesses
Title: Clinical observation of 41 cases of senile ischemic heart disease treated by losarton, carvadilol and Shenmai Injection
Authors: CHI Jing-Li, SUI Xu-Tao, LI Shang-Ai, LI Jing
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13829 Accesses
Medical Records and Notes▲top
Title: Experience of Professor TANG Han-Jun in treating obstinate and severe surgical diseases
Authors: QIN Hai-Guang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13014 Accesses
Title: Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder by traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: LI Guo-Heng
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14018 Accesses
Title: Experience of Professor LI Guo-Heng in treating degenerative osteoarthrosis of k nee joint
Authors: LI Fei-Yue, XI Xiao-Bing, LUO Shi-Hua, LIU Tao
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 20511 Accesses
Title: Analysis on acupuncture treatment characteristics for tumor in ancient medical literature
Authors: LIU Li-Gong, GU Jie, FANG Dong-Xing
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 31606 Accesses
Research on English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: Thinking and method of traditional Chinese medicine translator in early period
Authors: NIU Chuan-Yue
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16758 Accesses

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