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Selected Issue: 2017 No 2
Title: Ayurvedic concept of Shatkriyakala: a traditional knowledge of cancer pathogenesis and therapy
Authors: Ashutosh Chauhan, Deepak Kumar Semwal, Satyendra Prasad Mishra, Ruchi Badoni Semwal
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 3054 Accesses
Title: Potential application of the Kampo medicine goshajinkigan for prevention of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
Authors: Marco Cascella, Maria Rosaria Muzio
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 3277 Accesses
Systematic Review▲top
Title: Effectiveness of co-treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and letrozole for polycystic ovary syndrome: a meta-analysis
Authors: Qian-wen Ma, Yong Tan
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 3224 Accesses
Title: A data-driven method for syndrome type identification and classification in traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: Nevin Lianwen Zhang, Chen Fu, Teng Fei Liu, Bao-xin Chen, Kin Man Poon, Pei Xian Chen, Yun-ling Zhang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2220 Accesses
Title: Consensus on the integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine criteria of diagnostic classification in polycystic ovary syndrome (draft)
Authors: Jin Yu, Chao-qin Yu, Qi Cao, Li Wang, Wen-jun Wang, Li-rong Zhou, Jing Li, Qiao-hong Qian
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2373 Accesses
Research Article▲top
Title: Effects of bee propolis supplementation on glycemic control, lipid profile and insulin resistance indices in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial
Authors: Nazli Samadi, Hassan Mozaffari-Khosravi, Masoud Rahmanian, Mohsen Askarishahi
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2978 Accesses
Title: Therapeutic effect of acupuncture point injection with placental extract in knee osteoarthritis
Authors: Kyeong Mee Park, Tae Hwan Cho
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2798 Accesses
Title: The anatomical study of the major signal points of the court-type Thai traditional massage on legs and their effects on blood flow and skin temperature
Authors: Yadaridee Viravud, Angkana Apichartvorakit, Pramook Mutirangura, Vasana Plakornkul, Jantima Roongruangchai, Manmas Vannabhum, Tawee Laohapand, Pravit Akarasereenont
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2657 Accesses
Title: Evidence against the participation of a pharmacokinetic interaction in the protective effect of single-dose curcumin against gastrointestinal damage induced by indomethacin in rats
Authors: Liliana Zazueta-Beltrán, Lorena Medina-Aymerich, Nadia Estela Díaz-Triste, Aracely Evangelina Chávez-Pina, Gilberto Casta?eda-Hernández, Leticia Cruz-Antonio
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2004 Accesses
Title: Antidiarrheal activity of hexane extract of Citrus limon peel in an experimental animal model
Authors: Olasupo Stephen Adeniyi, James Omale, Samuel Chukwuma Omeje, Victoria Ojimaojo Edino
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 2244 Accesses

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