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Review Article
Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine: Volume 10, 2012   Issue 4
Connotations and extensions of comparative effectiveness research and feasibility analysis for clinical evaluation in traditional Chinese medicine
1. Hong-bo Cao (Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin 300193, China )
2. Hong-cai Shang (Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin 300193, China E-mail: E-mail: shanghongcai@foxmail.com)
ABSTRACT: Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is well developed in international medical research. This article analyzes the basic connotations of CER from five aspects, including selection of objective, positioning of target population, comparison of intervention scheme, identification of contrast condition and analysis of therapeutic effects. The inclusiveness and advanced nature of CER were revealed by comparing with modern medical research methods, such as evidence-based medicine, patient-important outcome and randomized controlled trials. Based on the superiority of CER, the feasibility of applying CER in clinical evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine is explored. CER should be combined with the holistic concept, syndrome differentiation and individuality-concerned treatment so as to facilitate its development in research of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

Received January 6, 2012; accepted January 28, 2012; published online April 15, 2012.
Full-text LinkOut at PubMed. Journal title in PubMed: Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao.

基金项目:天津市高等学校科技发展基金计划资助项目(No. 20110202); 教育部新世纪优秀人才计划资助项目(No. NCET-09-0900); 国家重大新药创制平台专项资助项目(No. 2008ZX09312-001)
Correspondence: Hong-cai Shang, MD, Professor; Tel: 022-27493265; E-mail: shanghongcai@foxmail.com

Full text of this article is in Chinese

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