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Current Issue: November 2015, Vol 13, No 6 More Issues>>

Title: Integrative medicine, or not integrative medicine: that is the question
Authors: Malcolm B. Taw
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 271 Accesses
Title: Phytochemistry and pharmacology of ornamental gingers, Hedychium coronarium and Alpinia purpurata: a review
Authors: Eric Wei Chiang Chan, Siu Kuin Wong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 161 Accesses
Title: Integrating traditional Chinese medicine into mainstream healthcare system in Hong Kong, China —A model of integrative medicine in the HKU-SZ Hospital
Authors: Lixing Lao, Zhipeng Ning
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 232 Accesses
Study Protocol▲top
Title: Health effects of natural spring waters: A protocol for systematic reviews with a regional case example
Authors: Jessica Stanhope, Philip Weinstein, Angus Cook
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 220 Accesses
Research Article▲top
Title: Effects of wet-cupping on blood pressure in hypertensive patients: a randomized controlled trial
Authors: Nouran A. Aleyeidi, Khaled S. Aseri, Shadia M. Matbouli, Albaraa A. Sulaiamani, Sumayyah A. Kobeisy
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 342 Accesses
Title: Ultra-highly diluted plant extracts of Hydrastis canadensis and Marsdenia condurango induce epigenetic modifications and alter gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in vitro
Authors: Santu Kumar Saha, Sourav Roy, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 403 Accesses
Title: The effect of acupuncture on mood and working memory in patients with depression and schizophrenia
Authors: Peggy Bosch, Maurits van den Noort, Sujung Yeo, Sabina Lim, Anton Coenen, Gilles van Luijtelaar
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 244 Accesses
Short Report▲top
Title: Attitudes of medical students toward the practice and teaching of integrative medicine
Authors: Gerard Flaherty, Jenny Fitzgibbon, Peter Cantillon
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 176 Accesses
Medical History▲top
Title: The use of Chinese herbal drugs in Islamic medicine
Authors: Mojtaba Heydari, Mohammad Hashem Hashempur, Mohammad Hosein Ayati, Detlev Quintern, Majid Nimrouzi, Seyed Hamdollah Mosavat
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 245 Accesses
Medical Education▲top
Title: The evolution of integrative medical education: the influence of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Authors: Victoria Maizes, Randy Horwitz, Patricia Lebensohn, Hilary McClafferty, James Dalen, Andrew Weil
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 263 Accesses
Conference Summary▲top
Title: A Summary of the ECIM 2015 Global Summit on Integrative Medicine and Healthcare
Authors: Shelley R. Noble-Letort
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 232 Accesses
Title: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief
Authors: Lixing Lao
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 97 Accesses
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