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Selected Issue: 2005 No 6
Expert Forum▲top
Title: Evaluating the effects of acupuncture on knee osteoarthritis: A stepwise approach to research, University of Maryland experience
Authors: Lixing Lao, Brian Berman
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15382 Accesses
Title: Possibility of applying nanotechnology to research on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: GAO Ye-Tao, SHI Shan-Quan, PAN Hui-Wei
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12613 Accesses
Youth Forum▲top
Title: Chinese Tuina: Challenge of evidence-based medicine and development strategy
Authors: HU Jun, YAN Juan-Tao, FANG Min
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12776 Accesses
Original Clinical Research▲top
Title: Correlations of clinical symptoms and treatment efficacy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with Chinese herbal drugs or Western medicine
Authors: LU Ai-Ping, HE Yi-Ting, ZHA Qing-Lin, YAN Xiao-Ping, SU Li, SONG Yue-Jin, ZENG Sheng-Ping, LIU Wei, FENG Xing-Hua, QIAN Xian, ZHU Wan-Hua
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19402 Accesses
Title: Study on relationship between polymorphism of apolipoprotein E gene and syndromes of phlegm and blood stasis in patients with coronary heart disease
Authors: OUYANG Tao, SONG Jian-Nan, MIAO Yang, LIN Qian, NIU Xiao-Hong, JIN Hong, CHEN Bing
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16404 Accesses
Title: Clinical study on severe acute pancreatitis associated with hypoalbuminemia in early stage
Authors: XUE Ping, HUANG Zong-Wen, LI Yong-Hong, GUO Jia, WANG Zhong-Chao, ZHAO Jian-Lei, YOU Zhen
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14110 Accesses
Title: Immunological mechanism of exfoliative tongue fur in children with asthma
Authors: LI Fu-Feng, LI Guo-Gang, WU You-Zhong, LI Jing, ZHANG Xiao-Ying, WANG Hui-Fang, WANG Yi-Qin
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12894 Accesses
Original Experimental Research▲top
Title: Effects of flavones extracted from Portulaca oleracea on ability of hypoxia tolerance in mice and its mechanism
Authors: DONG Li-Wei, WANG Wan-Yin, YUE Yi-Tian, LI Min
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13630 Accesses
Title: Effects of Liuwei Dihuang Pills on expressions of apoptosis-related genes bcl-2 and Bax in pancreas of OLETF rats
Authors: XUE Yao-Ming, LUO Ren, ZHU Bo, ZHANG Yan, PAN Yong-Hua, LI Chen-Zhong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14646 Accesses
Title: Protective effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza on rats with streptozotocin diabetes and its mechanism
Authors: LIU Gang, GUAN Guang-Ju, QI Tong-Gang, FU Yu-Qin, LI Xue-Gang, SUN Yun, WU Tao, WEN Rong-Zhu
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13848 Accesses
Title: Effect of ginseng fruit saponins on insulin sensitivity index in high fat-fed rats
Authors: LUO Lan, YIN Hui-Jun, ZHANG Ying, JIANG Yue-Rong, LIU Ying, SHI Da-Zhuo
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13547 Accesses
Title: Effects of Yiqi Huayu Recipe and its decomposed formulas on apoptosis-related factors of anulus fibrosus cells in rats
Authors: ZHOU Quan, WANG Yong-Jun, SHI Qi, SUN Peng, ZHOU Chong-Jian, HU Zhi-Jun, LIU Mei
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13185 Accesses
Title: Protective effects of Yanggan Lidan Granules on carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in mice
Authors: YOU Sheng-Fu, ZHENG Pei-Yong, JI Guang, WEI Hua-Feng, ZHAO Jie, ZHU Pei-Ting
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11461 Accesses
Title: Effects of Sanqi Qiancao Recipe on hemorheological parameters of rabbits with copper intrauterine device
Authors: SHEN Yu-Hua, YIN Xiang-Hua, YOU Zhao-Ling, FU Ling-Mei, TAN Zhao-Yang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11518 Accesses
Title: Experimental study on effects of Shengmai Injection: enhancing 5-FU anti-tumor efficacy and reducing its toxicity
Authors: CHEN Zhen, WANG Peng, HUANG Wen-Xia, LIU Lu-Ming
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11797 Accesses
Title: Growth-inhibiting effect of psoralen plus ultraviolet-A light therapy on K562 cells
Authors: ZHANG De-Jie, HUANG Shi-Lin, CHEN Nan-Nan, XIANG Yang, YANG Pei-Man, ZHAO Jin-Yao
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12559 Accesses
Title: Progress in research on the treatment of primary liver cancer with traditional Chinese medicine for activating blood to resolve stasis
Authors: JU Li-Xia, CHEN Zhe, REN Rong-Zheng
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13022 Accesses
Title: Progress in research on focal adhesion kinase signal transduction and cross-talk
Authors: BIAN Qin, WANG Yong-Jun, SHI Qi
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15010 Accesses
Short Communication▲top
Title: Clinical observation of Bushen Naqi Huoxue Granules in treating patients with chronic obstructive lung disease
Authors: CAI Min, CHEN Hong, WANG Xue-Dong, ZHANG Hui-Yong
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11279 Accesses
Medical Records and Notes▲top
Title: Experience in clinical practice of doctrines in Huangdi Neijing: Part 1
Authors: WANG Qing-Qi
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11151 Accesses
Title: Professor SHI Yin-Yu's experience in treating osteoporosis
Authors: SHEN Wei-Dong, SHI Ying
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12135 Accesses
Research on English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: On hypotaxis and parataxis in English translation of traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: NIU Chuan-Yue
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13311 Accesses
Title: Brief discussion on English translation of the term "five elements" in traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: PENG Jing-Hua
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11484 Accesses
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