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Selected Issue: 2007 No 2
Title: Foundation and application of aggregation syndrome theory in traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: Wen-jian Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15661 Accesses
Title: Study of standardization of syndrome diagnosis: an analysis of current status
Authors: Hua-feng WEI, Guang JI, Pei-yong ZHENG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11446 Accesses
Title: Breast cancer pathogenesis of stagnation of phlegm, poison and blood stasis: rationale and clinical application in traditional Chinese medicine
Authors: Sheng LIU, Yong-qiang HUA, Zhen-ping SUN, Song TAN, De-ming LU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12049 Accesses
Original Clinical Research▲top
Title: Correlation between syndrome differentiation and CT quantitative diagnosis of fatty liver
Authors: Song WANG, Qiong LI, Xi-fu WANG, Guang J
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15419 Accesses
Title: Correlation between syndromes of posthepatitic cirrhosis and biological parameters: a report of 355 cases
Authors: Qin ZHANG, Hong QIU, Lei WANG, Guang-li DU, Ping LIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10457 Accesses
Title: Clinical early intervention of Tongxia Huayu Decoction on pancreatic microcirculatory disturbance in severe acute pancreatitis
Authors: Bang-jiang FANG, Pei-yang GAO, Song-hua HE, Hao CHEN, Ping SHEN, Yi-ying ZHANG, Jing-zhe ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10202 Accesses
Title: Treatment of β-thalassemia with Bushen Yisui therapy: a randomized controlled trial
Authors: Zhi-kui WU, Yong-mei LIU, Xin-hua ZHANG, Wen-jun LIU, Min LI, Rong-xin WANG, Li-min CHAI, Wen-juan WANG, Chong ZHANG, You-wen HUANG, Yu-ying CHEN, Xin-xia Lü
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15054 Accesses
Title: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial of Chaige Qingre Granule in treating acute upper respiratory tract infection of wind heat syndrome
Authors: Jing CHANG, Ying ZHANG, Bing MAO, Lei WANG, Ting-qian LI, Rui-ming ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 20124 Accesses
Title: Clinical observation of Ruyiping in preventing recidivation and metastasis of breast cancer
Authors: Sheng LIU, Yong-qiang HUA, Zhen-ping SUN, Song TAN, De-ming LU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13763 Accesses
Original Experimental Research▲top
Title: Establishment and analysis of serum two-dimensional gel electrophoresis profiles of myasthenia gravis patients with spleen and kidney deficiency syndrome
Authors: Ping LIU, Yi yi ZHANG, Jian QIAO
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17127 Accesses
Title: Inhibition action of bufalin on human transplanted hepatocellular tumor and its effects on expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax proteins in nude mice
Authors: Wei GU, Ke-qi HAN, Yong-hua SU, Xue-qiang HUANG, Chang-quan LING
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 46207 Accesses
Title: Effects of Yiqi Kaimi Recipe on gastrointestinal motility and neuropeptides in rats with colonic slow transit constipation
Authors: Chun-mei HE, Jin-gen LU, Yong-qing CAO
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13166 Accesses
Title: Effects of Chinese herbs for replenishing qi and resolving stagnation on hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and vascular endothelial growth factor in granulation tissue of skin ulcers in rats with diabetes
Authors: Hua-fa QUE, Yuan-yin ZHU, Yun-fei WANG, Zhen ZHANG, Jie-nan XU, Jie XING, Han-jun TANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19466 Accesses
Title: Effects of Huoxue Bushen Mixture on skin blood vessel neogenesis and vascular endothelial growth factor expression in hair follicle of C57BL/6 mice
Authors: Shang-pu GAO, Lan HUANG, Xin-wei YANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17068 Accesses
Title: Impact of Jinhong Tablet on thymus of rats with cholangitis
Authors: Jing-zhe ZHANG, Xue-lin ZHANG, Ju GAO, Ping SHEN, Pei-ting ZHU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13605 Accesses
Title: Effect of traditional Chinese herbs for nourishing the liver on intracellular free calcium level in gallbladder cells of guinea pigs with gallstones
Authors: Ping SHEN, Bang-jiang FANG, Pei-ting ZHU, Jing-zhe ZHANG, Xin-jun PEI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11432 Accesses
Title: Conditioned mediums of different rat cerebral microvascular endothelial cells against damage of ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion neurons
Authors: Xue-mei QING, Peng-tao LI, Jing-hong HU, Wei-hong LI, Jin-cai HOU, Huan DU, Bing WANG, Lin SUO
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 24745 Accesses
Title: Effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem on peripheral blood cell counts of 60Co γ ray irradiated mice
Authors: Hong WANG, Ping LIU, Chang DAI, Dong-xiao WANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13504 Accesses
Literature Review▲top
Title: Research on association between insulin resistance and cholelithiasis: a review
Authors: Xiao-qiang LIANG, Bang-jiang FANG, Jing-zhe ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11850 Accesses
Title: Influencing factors and psychotherapies of psychogenic problems in breast cancer patients
Authors: Xiu-fei GAO, Sheng LIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10591 Accesses
Short Communication▲top
Title: Comparison of tunnel thread-drawing therapy and fistulectomy therapy for low-complex anal fistula
Authors: Chen WANG, Jin-gen LU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10215 Accesses
Title: Assessing breast cancer risk in women with mammary hyperplasia of different syndromes using mammography
Authors: Sheng-fang HU, Hong-feng CHEN, Qian-wen RONG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12424 Accesses
Medical Records and Notes▲top
Title: Professor Han-jun Tang's experience in treating lymphadenopathy with Yin and Yang theory
Authors: Gang KUI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11302 Accesses
Title: Experience of Professor Han-jun Tang in treating breast cancer after operation based on syndrome differentiation
Authors: Xin TANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9980 Accesses
Title: Treatment of chronic skin ulcers with traditional Chinese medicine: a report of five cases
Authors: Hua-fa QUE, Yun-fei WANG, Liang SHEN, Yong-ling WANG, Han-jun TANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12050 Accesses
Medical Statistics▲top
Title: Application of statistical idea and the triple-type theory in the scientific research of biomedicine
Authors: Liang-ping HU, Hui-gang LIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16528 Accesses
Research on English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: Thinking on English translation of traditional Chinese Medicine
Authors: Chuan-yue NIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 27046 Accesses
Cochrane Review Abstract▲top
Title: Chinese medicinal herbs for influenza
Authors: 胡俊编译, 刘建平审校
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 8909 Accesses
Title: Herbal medicines for treating HIV infection and AIDs
Authors: 李迅编译, 刘建平审校
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9464 Accesses
Title: Acupuncture for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
Authors: 张晶编译, 刘建平审校
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9812 Accesses
International Communication▲top
Title: Records of Academician Chen Ke-ji's visit to University of California at Los Angeles
Authors: Wei-jun ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12821 Accesses
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