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Selected Issue: 2010 No 11
Biomedical Publication▲top
Title: Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals: writing and editing for biomedical publication (Chinese version, part two)
Authors: International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 7624 Accesses
Review Article▲top
Title: Inflammation and cancer: tumor initiation, progression and metastasis, and Chinese botanical medicines
Authors: Daniel Weber, Janelle M Wheat, Geoffrey M Currie
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 46022 Accesses
Title: A mechanism of endogenous opioid peptides for rapid onset of acupuncture effect in treatment of depression
Authors: Xin-jun Wang, Ling-ling Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14313 Accesses
Title: Disorder of Tiangui (kidney essence) and reproductive dysfunction in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Authors: Bo Wang, Wei Yan, Li-hui Hou, Xiao-ke Wu
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14889 Accesses
Original Clinical Research▲top
Title: Logistic regression analysis on relationships between traditional Chinese medicine constitutional types and overweight or obesity
Authors: Yan-bo Zhu, Qi Wang, Cheng-yu Wu, Guo-ming Pang, Jian-xiong Zhao, Shi-lin Shen, Zhong-yuan Xia, Xue Yan
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 28163 Accesses
Original Experimental Research▲top
Title: Application and evaluation of a pseudotyped virus assay for screening herbs for anti-H5N1 avian influenza virus
Authors: Hong Liu, Guo-liang Zhang, Li Shen, Zhen Zeng, Bao-luo Zhou, Cheng-hai Liu, Guang Nie
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13555 Accesses
Title: Collagen protein expressions in ischemic myocardium of rats with acute myocardial infarction and effects of qi-tonifying, yin-tonifying and blood-activating herbs and detoxifying and blood-activating herbs
Authors: Wei Xu, Meng Shi, Jian-gang Liu, Cheng-long Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 18791 Accesses
Title: Senescence-inducing effects of Chinese herbal medicine Tenglong Buzhong Decoction on human colon carcinoma LS-174-T cells and the mechanism
Authors: Bing Hu, Hong-mei An, Ke-ping Shen, Qin Du
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 18319 Accesses
Title: Effects of Chinese herbal medicine Bushen Gubiao Recipe on toll-like receptor 4 and CD4+CD25+foxp3+ regulatory T cells in mice with recurrent respiratory tract infections
Authors: Ya-bing Zhou, Jian-er Yu, Jie Wu, Li Bai, Li-li Huo, Xin-guang Zhang, Li-qing Li
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13844 Accesses
Title: Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid and arsenic trioxide regulate the productions and activities of matrix metalloproteinases in human skin fibroblasts and human leukemia cell line THP-1
Authors: Ya-hui Liang, Ping Li, Jing-xia Zhao, Xin Liu, Qi-fu Huang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13194 Accesses
Title: Effects of Shenmai Injection on serum concentration and pharmacokinetics of digoxin in dogs with heart failure
Authors: Jing-yuan Mao, Chang-xiao Liu, Heng-he Wang, Guang-li Wei, Zhen-peng Zhang, Jie Xing, Xian-liang Wang, Ying-fei Bi
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15989 Accesses
Title: Effects of Chinese herbal medicine Xiaoyao Powder on monoamine neurotransmitters in hippocampus of rats with postpartum depression
Authors: Tao Wang, Feng Qin
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14214 Accesses
Literature Research▲top
Title: Diagnosis and treatment rule of traditional Chinese medicine for syndrome factors of chronic congestive heart failure: a study based on Shannon entropy method
Authors: Chan Chen, Yong-mei Meng, Peng Zhang, Juan Wang, Hui-hui Zhao, Shu-zhen Guo, Wei Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16795 Accesses
Medical Statistics▲top
Title: Statistical inference and experimental design of univariate qualitative data of single-group design
Authors: Liang-ping Hu, Xiao-lei Bao, Xue Guan
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10520 Accesses
English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: A discussion of English translation of 1995 and 1997 Chinese National Standards of Traditional Chinese Medical Terminologies for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment
Authors: Zhao-guo Li
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 8695 Accesses
Title: A study on translation of ellipses in Huangdi Neijing from perspective of hermeneutic theory
Authors: Zhi-mei Wang, Bin Zhang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12483 Accesses
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