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Selected Issue: 2010 No 3
Review Article▲top
Title: Pathogenesis and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Authors: Ping XIE, Xin-xi ZHOU, Qin ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19655 Accesses
Title: Tactics of acupuncture for migraine prophylaxis
Authors: Jia GUO
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12575 Accesses
Title: Discussion of the correlation between phlegm and tumor microenvironment
Authors: Ci-an ZHANG, Pin-kang WEI, Yong-jin LI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9265 Accesses
Original Clinical Research▲top
Title: Distribution characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine syndromes and their elements in people with subhealth fatigue
Authors: Tian-fang WANG, Jia-jia WANG, Xiao-lin XUE, Ping HAN, Ya-jing ZHANG, Guan-ru LI, Xiu-yan WU, Yan ZHAO, Li-long TANG, Yu-yue LIU, Cong-lu SUI, Chen FU, Yong-mei SHANG, Bo ZHOU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12536 Accesses
Title: Survival benefit of an herbal formula for invigorating spleen for elderly patients with gastric cancer
Authors: Ai-guang ZHAO, Wen CAO, Yan XU, Gang ZHAO, Bing-ya LIU, Yong CAI, Jin-zu YANG, Ying GU, Wei YUAN, Ying-jie ZHU, Ying-ying HAN, Jin-kun YANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11389 Accesses
Title: Effects of Bushen Huoxue Granule on motor function in patients with Parkinson’s disease: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled trial
Authors: Ming-hui YANG, Min LI, Yong-qi DOU, Yi LIU, Xiao-dong LUO, Jian-zong CHEN, Heng-jun SHI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13653 Accesses
Title: Analysis of relationships among syndrome, therapeutic treatment, and Chinese herbal medicine in patients with coronary artery disease based on complex networks
Authors: Zhu-ye GAO, Zhu-ye GAO, Hao XU, Da-zhuo SHI, Chang-geng FU, Dan QU, Xue-zhong ZHOU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16198 Accesses
Original Experimental Research▲top
Title: Effects of eye drops of Buddleja officinalis Maxim. extract on lacrimal gland cell apoptosis in castrated rats with dry eye
Authors: Qing-hua PENG, Xiao-lei YAO, Quan-long WU, Han-yu TAN, Jing-rong ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15551 Accesses
Title: Effects of Xiaotan Sanjie Decoction-containing serum on proliferation and apoptosis of human gastric cancer cells MKN-45
Authors: Mu-wei GUI, Pin-kang WEI, Ye LU, Wei GUO, Zhi-feng QIN, Da-zhi SUN
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12316 Accesses
Title: Influence of Aloe polysaccharide on proliferation and hyaluronic acid and hydroxyproline secretion of human fibroblasts in vitro
Authors: Ling-ying LIU, Xiao-dong CHEN, Bo-yu WU, Qiong JIANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17471 Accesses
Title: Effects of Shenqi Jiedu Decoction on expressions of transforming growth factor-β1, smad2 and smad3 in renal tissues of rats with chronic renal failure induced by adenine
Authors: Ting-ting LI, Guo-min SI, Feng-cui CHEN
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11722 Accesses
Title: Effects of Xuesaitong Soft Capsule on hemodynamics and cardiocyte apoptosis of rats after myocardial infarction
Authors: Xue-ying WANG, Jie WANG, Ge YANG, Yong-mei LIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12311 Accesses
Title: Effects of Huanglian Jiedu Decoction on blood lipid metabolism and its related gene expressions in rats with hyperlipidemia
Authors: Jin JIN, Yang ZHANG, Wen-xiang HU, Zheng-yao ZHANG, Nan-nan XU, Qiu-li ZHOU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10398 Accesses
Title: Effects of Yiqi Huayu Decoction on brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in rats with lumbar nerve root injury
Authors: Bing SHU, Xiao-feng LI, Le-qin XU, Yong-jun WANG, Qi SHI, Chong-jian ZHOU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11294 Accesses
Medical Statistics▲top
Title: Statistical analysis for data of multidimensional contingency table with SAS software package (Part five)
Authors: Wei-wei LIU, Liang-ping HU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13102 Accesses
English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: Comparative study on WHO Western Pacific Region and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies international standard terminologies on traditional medicine: an analysis of the Diagnostics (Part 7)
Authors: Zhao-guo LI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 21431 Accesses
Title: Plural complementarism: a strategy for translating and introducing Taoist medical jargon
Authors: Li-li LIU, Yu-lin WANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13524 Accesses
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