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Selected Issue: 2010 No 6
Review Article▲top
Title: Comprehensive review of Clerodendrum phlomidis: a traditionally used bitter
Authors: Muthu Kumaradoss MOHAN MARUGA RAJA, Shri Hari MISHRA
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 57633 Accesses
Systematic Review▲top
Title: Efficacy of acupuncture in treatment of cancer pain: a systematic review
Authors: Hao PENG, Hai-dong PENG, Ling XU, Lixing LAO
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 18424 Accesses
Original Clinical Research▲top
Title: Impedance characteristics of ear acupoints in identifying excess or deficiency syndrome of stroke
Authors: Pin WANG, Hua-yuan YANG, Yi-qin WANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13049 Accesses
Title: Quantong Recipe integrated with ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy for ureteral calculi
Authors: Yu PENG, Xiao-hua HU, Xiang LI, Gui-ping ZHOU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9253 Accesses
Original Experimental Research▲top
Title: Antidiabetic effects of Tangnaikang on obese Zucker rats and the mechanism
Authors: Xiang-yu GUO, Ying DUAN, Juan-e LI, Li-xia YANG, Lian-sha HUANG, Zhi-cheng WANG, He-yao WANG, Tong-hua LIU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19685 Accesses
Title: Optimal combination of baicalin, icariin and Astragalus saponin Ⅰ from a Chinese herbal compound Biminne
Authors: Wei-yi GONG, Xin-min ZHANG, Zi-yin SHEN, Guo-rang HU, Su-qin ZHANG, Run-hong LIU, Wei-dong ZHANG, Jing-cheng DONG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11069 Accesses
Title: Effects of Radix Ginseng and Radix Notoginseng formula on expressions of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 and hypoxia-inducible factor-1α in ischemic myocardium of rats with acute myocardial infarction
Authors: Xue-jun DU, Yan LEI, Jing YANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12432 Accesses
Title: Effects of extract of Polygonum multiflorum on cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of human liver cell line L02
Authors: Rui-chen ZHANG, Bin LIU, Zhen-xiao SUN, Dong-yan XU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 25376 Accesses
Title: Effects of triptolide-medicated serum on secretion function of adrenocortical cells isolated from rats
Authors: Wen-jie MAO, Long CHEN, Chun-xin YANG, Ming-hui YAO, Zi-qin ZHAO, Yi-wen SHEN, Yue-qin ZHOU, Ai-min XUE, Hong-mei XU, Ming-chang ZHANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11082 Accesses
Title: Effects of Bawei Xilei San on mice with oxazolone-induced colitis and the mechanisms
Authors: Yan PAN, Qin OUYANG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14647 Accesses
Title: Effects of Tenglong Buzhong Decoction on proliferation and apoptosis of human colon carcinoma cell line LS174T
Authors: Bing HU, Hong-mei AN, Ke-ping SHEN, Qin DU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14213 Accesses
Medical History▲top
Title: Study on the history of formulas corresponding to syndromes
Authors: Xing-jiang XIONG
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9738 Accesses
Medical Statistics▲top
Title: Principal component analysis and exploratory factor analysis using SAS software package
Authors: Wei-wei LIU, Liang-ping HU
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 8439 Accesses
English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: Comparative study on WHO Western Pacific Region and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies international standard terminologies on traditional medicine: Syndrome Differentiation According to Eight Principles (Part three)
Authors: Zhao-guo LI
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 12795 Accesses
Conference Summary▲top
Title: Summary of 2010 Annual Conference of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Strategies and New Developments in Britain
Authors: Xing Liao, Nicola ROBINSON
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 7254 Accesses
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