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Selected Issue: 2013 No 2
Title: A review on the pharmacological and toxicological aspects of Datura stramonium L.
Authors: Bhakta Prasad Gaire, Lalita Subedi
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 57221 Accesses
Title: Literature review and analysis of the development of health outcomes assessment instruments in Chinese medicine
Authors: Feng-bin Liu, Zheng-kun Hou, Yun-ying Yang, Zheng-zheng Zhang, Di Xie, Nelson Xie, Hong Thach Nguyen
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 7846 Accesses
Title: Promoting integrative medicine by computerization of traditional Chinese medicine for scientific research and clinical practice: The SuiteTCM Project
Authors: Arthur de Sá Ferreira
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 10704 Accesses
Study Protocol▲top
Title: Functional and psychosocial effects of pulmonary Daoyin on patients with COPD in China: study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Authors: Xue-qing Yu, Jian-sheng Li, Su-yun Li, Yang Xie, Ming-hang Wang, Hai-long Zhang, Hai-feng Wang, Zhi-wan Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 17552 Accesses
Research Article▲top
Title: Effects of acupuncture treatment on natural killer cell activity, pulse rate, and pain reduction for older adults: an uncontrolled, observational study
Authors: Hidetoshi Mori, Hiroshi Kuge, Tim Hideaki Tanaka, Eiichi Taniwaki, Kazuyo Hanyu, Tateyuki Morisawa
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 41665 Accesses
Title: Homeopathic mother tincture of Phytolacca decandra induces apoptosis in skin melanoma cells by activating caspase-mediated signaling via reactive oxygen species elevation
Authors: Samrat Ghosh, Kausik Bishayee, Avijit Paul, Avinaba Mukherjee, Sourav Sikdar, Debrup Chakraborty, Naoual Boujedaini, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 16642 Accesses
Title: Antidiarrheal properties of different extracts of Chinese herbal medicine formula Bao-Xie-Ning
Authors: Jing Li, Xin-lin Wu, Yuling Chen, Zhi Tang, Yue-hong Xu, Jian-min Jiang, Yue-yu Gu, Jian-ping Chen, De-po Yang, Dong-mei Wang
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15801 Accesses
Title: Psychosocial and spiritual needs of patients with chronic diseases: validation of the Chinese version of the Spiritual Needs Questionnaire
Authors: Arndt Büssing, Xiao-feng Zhai, Wen-bo Peng, Chang-quan Ling
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11390 Accesses
Title: Traditional herbal medicine in preventing recurrence after resection of small hepatocellular carcinoma: a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Authors: Xiao-feng Zhai, Zhe Chen, Bai Li, Feng Shen, Jia Fan, Wei-ping Zhou, Yun-ke Yang, Jing Xu, Xiao Qin, Le-qun Li, Chang-quan Ling
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 38440 Accesses
English Translation of TCM▲top
Title: Comparative study on WHO Western Pacific Region and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies international standard terminologies on traditional medicine: Diseases in External Medicine (Part 2)
Authors: Zhao-guo Li
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 7943 Accesses
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