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Selected Issue: 2014 No 1
Title: The role of central nervous system on hypoglycemia and the feasibility of the brain theory in traditional Chinese medicine on treatment of diabetes mellitus
Authors: Hai-li Jiang, Jing-jing Niu, Wei-fei Zhang, Wen-jin Huang, Ming-yue Zhou, Wen-jun Sha, Jun-yan Li, Fu-feng Li, Ting Zhu, Xin Xia, Jun Zhang, Yuan-dong Shen, Li-gang Zhou
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11442 Accesses
Research Article▲top
Title: Protective effect of diosmin against diabetic neuropathy in experimental rats
Authors: Dilpesh Jain, Manish Kumar Bansal, Rahul Dalvi, Aman Upganlawar, Rahul Somani
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 19068 Accesses
Title: Gastric antisecretory and cytoprotective effects of hydroalcoholic extracts of Plumeria alba Linn. leaves in rats
Authors: Manjusha Choudhary, Vipin Kumar, Surender Singh
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 24612 Accesses
Title: Pristimerin enhances recombinant adeno-associated virus vector-mediated transgene expression in human cell lines in vitro and murine hepatocytes in vivo
Authors: Li-na Wang, Yuan Wang, Yuan Lu, Zi-fei Yin, Yuan-hui Zhang, George V. Aslanidi, Arun Srivastava, Chang-quan Ling, Chen Ling
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 38990 Accesses
Title: Medicine prescription practices of homeopathic undergraduate students in West Bengal, India
Authors: Subhranil Saha, Munmun Koley, Jogendra Singh Arya, Gurudev Choubey, Shubhamoy Ghosh, Subhasish Ganguly, Aloke Ghosh, Sangita Saha, Malay Mundle
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 11064 Accesses
Title: In-house preparation and characterization of an Ayurvedic bhasma: Praval bhasma
Authors: Amrita Mishra, Arun K. Mishra, Om Prakash Tiwari, Shivesh Jha
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 14028 Accesses
Title: Anti-fatty liver effects of oils from Zingiber officinale and Curcuma longa on ethanol-induced fatty liver in rats
Authors: Sarah Onyenibe Nwozo, Damilola Adeola Osunmadewa, Babatunji Emmanuel Oyinloye
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 9866 Accesses
Title: Developing the criteria for evaluating quality of individualization in homeopathic clinical trialreporting: a preliminary study
Authors: Subhranil Saha, Munmun Koley, Subhasish Ganguly, Prasanta Rath, Pulak Roy Chowdhury, Seikh Intaj Hossain
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 13552 Accesses
Letter to the Editor▲top
Title: Nigella sativa is a safe herbal product
Authors: Abdullah Bamosa
Abstract | Full text | PDF | 15847 Accesses
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