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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2003, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (1): 47-50.doi: 10.3736/jcim20030119

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Effect of Sorbaria sorbifolia extract on anti-oxidative activities in rats with precancerosis induced by diethylnitrosamine

Xue-wu Zhang(), Quan Sun, Ming Jin, Chun-mei Piao, Lian-Hua Li   

  1. Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,College of Medicine, Yanbian University,Yanji,Jilin Province 133000, China
  • Received:2003-03-07 Online:2003-03-20 Published:2018-10-19


To study the effect of Sorbaria sorbifolia extract on anti-oxidative activities in rats with precancerosis induced by diethylnitrosamine.


Sorbaria sorbifolia was perfused into stomach of rats with DEN-induced precancerosis, then the biochemical indexes were investigated. The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX), and the concentrations of malondialdehyde (MDA), glutathione (GSH) were investigated by colorimetric method.


Sorbaria sorbifolia extract increased SOD, GSH-PX and decreased MDA, GSH levels in serum and liver homogenate.


Sorbaria sorbifolia extract significantly increased anti-oxidative activities in rats with precancerosis induced by diethylnitrosamine.

Key words: Sorbaria sorbifolia, precancerous condition, anti-oxidative activity

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  • R785.7





组别 n 血清(U/ml) 肝匀浆(U/mg pro) 肝细胞线粒体(U/mg pro)
正常组 12 131.4±38.9* 72.9±39.8* 153.4±56.1*
模型组 9 92.6±42.7 49.8±14.0 135.1±31.9
给药组 11 126.7±27.3* 61.3±6.7* 144.1±45.4*


组别 n 血清(nmol/L) 肝匀浆(nmol/mg pro) 肝细胞线粒体(nmol/mg pro)
正常组 12 0.8±0.1* 1.0±0.2* 1.2±0.3*
模型组 9 1.1±0.1 1.5±0.1 1.6±0.2
给药组 11 0.8±0.1* 0.7±0.3* 0.9±0.4*


组别 n 血清(mg/L) 肝匀浆(U/mg pro) 肝细胞线粒体(U/mg pro)
正常组 12 28.6±5.69* 35.7±9.15* 35.1±10.7*
模型组 9 16.2±3.69 26.2±5.69 15.4±1.9
给药组 11 16.8±6.17* 31.4±6.55* 36.2±16.4*


组别 n 血清(mg/L) 肝匀浆(U/mg pro) 肝细胞线粒体(U/mg pro)
正常组 12 219.2±40.8* 26.3±4.2* 135.6±22.3*
模型组 9 148.9±23.3 19.4±3.2 96.5±23.1*
给药组 11 198.1±12.4* 27.4±5.2* 129.5±25.7*
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