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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2008, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (3): 298-303.doi: 10.3736/jcim20080316

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Experimental study of Gukangling Decoction combined with technetium [99Tc] methylene diphosphonate injection in treating osteoporotic rabbits

GD Zhao1(),KJ Gao2,YM Tian1,ZW Ye2,W Li2,HP Song1,ZY Cai1   

  1. 1. Department of Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine, Central Hospital of Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002, China
    2. Department of Nuclear Medicine, Central Hospital of Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002, China
  • Received:2007-03-13 Online:2008-03-20 Published:2018-10-11
  • Contact: GD Zhao

Objective: To evaluate the advantage of Gukangling Decoction (GKLD), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, combined with technetium [ 99Tc] methylene diphosphonate injection ( 99Tc-MDP) in treating osteoporosis in rabbits.Methods: A rabbit model of osteoporosis was established by intramuscular injection of dexamethasone (DX). Fifty-six rabbits were divided into 8 groups: Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Rabbits in groups A and B were intramuscularly injected normal saline as normal control, groups C and D were untreated groups, rabbits in group E were treated by 99Tc-MDP, rabbits in group F were treated by aminodiphosphate, rabbits in group G were treated by GKLD, and rabbits in group H were treated by 99Tc-MDP and GKLD. Rabbits in groups A and C were executed to demonstrate the establishment of the rabbit model of osteoporosis at the 8th week of experiment. Rabbits in the other six groups were executed after 16-week experiment (8-week treatment), and then bone structure and cell shape were observed by electron microscope, X-ray, CT and emission computed tomography (ECT). Bone density, biomechanical parameters, the levels of bone specific alkaline phosphatase (BALP) and bone Gla protein (BGP) were measured too.Results: After 8-week of intramuscular injection of DX, the bone trabecula in group A were regular and showed normal configuration, while the bone trabecula in group C were sparse, ruptured and showed damaged form. The bone density and biomechanical parameters in group A were higher than those in group C, indicating that the rabbit model of osteoporosis was established successfully. At the 9th week of experiment, the results of cell pathology in group D showed that the bone trabeculas were sparse, ruptured, defected or had hollow section, but the bone trabeculas in group B were regular and dense. The bone trabeculas in groups H and E were restored, and were thicker than those in group D. The bone quality in groups H and E was better than group D significantly, the bone quality in group F was better than group G, and the bone quality in group G was better than group D slightly.Conclusion: GKLD combined with 99Tc-MDP had superiority in treating osteoporosis of rabbits as compared with the respective single therapy.

Key words: osteoporosis, technetium Tc 99m medronate, therapy, rabbits

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  • R681.4

Table 1

Experimental parameters of groups A and C ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n Bone density (g/cm3) Bone biomechanics (N)
Left femoral headL4 Left femoral head L4
A 7 0.29±0.02 0.30±0.02 405.34±55.41 750.87±53.72 131.50±21.85 7.54±0.42 12.49±1.51 115.30±16.79
C 7 0.24±0.02** 0.24±0.02 265.91±52.77** 369.67±94.92 66.23±10.85** 8.23±0.71** 45.00±7.30** 168.08±17.43**

Table 2

Experimental parameters after 16-week treatment ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n Bone density (g/cm3) Bone biomechanics (N) Bone trabecula volume (%) Radionuclide bone imaging Blood BALP (U/L) Blood BGP (mg/L)
Left femoral head L4 Left femoral head L4
B 6 0.31±0.01 0.30±0.02 404.43±43.66 698.38±77.52 121.60±33.45 4.13±0.82 9.00±2.83 104.46±14.69
D 5 0.24±0.01 0.23±0.02 269.43±40.60 349.35±57.29 65.28±21.91 6.73±0.84 42.83±14.55 176.18±26.34
E 7 0.29±0.04* 0.30±0.05* 386.46±77.08* 649.50±126.86* 132.31±48.79** 6.03±0.73** 12.71±4.35** 135.23±13.19**
F 7 0.26±0.03* 0.27±0.04* 364.43±66.51* 451.46±121.71* 108.96±43.21** 6.24±0.72** 19.57±6.85** 149.31±20.21**
G 6 0.24±0.02 0.24±0.05 282.27±45.04 347.35±63.42 70.31±25.48 6.52±0.85 39.83±5.02 151.58±19.78
H 7 0.30±0.04*△▲ 0.31±0.03*△▲ 432.77±17.53* 615.44±76.56* 129.41±14.63** 6.15±0.60** 10.86±1.87** 123.13±17.59**

Figure 1

Cytology characteristics of bone tissue in different groups A: Group B; B: Group D; C: Group E; D: Group F; E: Group G; F: Group H."

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