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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2003, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (3): 180-183.doi: 10.3736/jcim20030310

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Quantitative study on tongue color in primary liver cancer patients by analysis system for comprehensive information of tongue diagnosis

Qing Liu(), Xiao-qiang Yue, Wei-zhe Deng, Rong-zheng Ren, Chang-quan Ling   

  1. Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China
  • Received:2003-09-01 Online:2003-09-20 Published:2003-09-20


To explore the characteristics of tongue color in patients with primary liver cancer (PLC).


Tongue color and its RGB value were analyzed quantitatively for PLC patients in different clinical periods and other cancer patients by analysis system for comprehensive information of tongue diagnosis.


The rate of blue and purple tongue was higher (P <0.05) and all the values of RGB were lower (P <0.01) in PLC patients compared with other cancer patients. In different clinical periods, the rate of blue and purple tongue in stage Ⅲ was the highest (P <0.05).


The blue and purple tongue is one of the most important tongue characteristics of PLC patients.

Key words: tongue, color, liver neoplasms, clinical research, image processing, computer-assisted

CLC Number: 

  • R735.7


组别 n 舌 质 颜 色[n(%)]
淡白 淡红 青紫
肝癌组 332 28(8.43)△△ 95(28.61)△△ 34(10.24)△△ 6(1.81) 90(27.11)*△△ 79(23.80)*△△
其他肿瘤组 196 18(9.18)△△ 65(33.16)△△ 12(6.12)△△ 3(1.53) 35(17.86)△△ 63(32.14)△△
正常组 108 5(2.55) 86(43.88) 1(0.51) 0(0.00) 3(1.53) 13(6.63)


组别 n R值 G值 B值 H值
肝癌组 332 169.9±15.92*△△ 119.41±21.56** 131.95±19.67** 14.42±6.19△△
其他肿瘤组 196 173.18±14.50△△ 125.52±20.36 137.86±19.44 15.27±6.90△△
正常组 108 178.37±13.07 121.91±16.60 132.41±15.48 10.22±3.75


组别 n 舌 质 颜 色[n(%)]
淡白 淡红 青紫
Ⅰ期 35 4(11.43) 12(34.29) 6(17.14) 1(2.86) 6(17.14) 6(17.14)
Ⅱ期 223 18(8.07) 59(26.46) 18(8.07) 2(0.90) 62(27.80) 64(28.70)
Ⅲ期 74 6(8.11) 14(18.92) 10(13.51) 3(4.05) 32(43.24) 9(12.16)


临床分期 n R值 G值 B值 H值
Ⅰ期 35 167.83±16.16 121.31±19.73 132.00±17.95 13.18±6.50
Ⅱ期 223 170.39±15.54 119.51±21.28 132.21±19.60 14.53±6.30
Ⅲ期 74 169.42±17.02 118.20±23.36 131.12±20.90 14.69±5.72
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