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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2003, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (2): 113-115.doi: 10.3736/jcim20030208

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Study of an animal model of post-menopausal atherosclerosis in rabbit and observation of the effect of herbal formula of tonifying-kidney on it

Wen-jian Wang(), Zhen-yu Fei, Xiao-dong Fu, Wei-hua ChenN, Jian Ying, Feng Tang   

  1. Institute of Chinese Integrative Medicine, FU DAN University, Shanghai 200040, China
  • Received:2003-05-09 Online:2003-06-20 Published:2018-10-19


To establish an animal model imitating post-menopausal atherosclerosis in rabbit and observe the effect of the herbal formula of tonifying-kidney on this animal model.


The New Zealand rabbits were treated with ovariectomy, high cholesterol diet plus immune injury, and both of ovariectomy and high cholesterol diet plus immune injury respectively. The blood lipid level and the intima and media of the aorta were observed.


The rabbits treated with ovariectomy and high cholesterol diet plus immune injury changed markedly and had low level of estrogen, high levels of CHOL, TG and dysfunction of the arterial endothelium cells. However, the Chinese herbal formula of tonifying-kidney could relieve these changes.


The New Zealand rabbits treated with both of ovariectomy and high cholesterol diet plus immune injury could result in the changes imitating post-menopausal atherosclerosis, and it could be improved by the treatment of herbal formula of tonifying-kidney, so we think that the changes of the animal model are related to the deficiency of the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine.

Key words: post-menopause, atherosclerosis, deficiency of the kidney

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  • R972-6


组别 n E2(pmol/L) Testosterone(μg/L) ET(pg/mL) NO(μmol/L)
对照组 10 89.60±9.55 0.16±0.03 91.31±33.54 99.00±16.76
去势组 8 75.58±12.50* 0.25±0.04* 109.02±22.44* 81.16±12.73*
高脂组 10 88.84±10.03 0.16±0.03 133.59±26.88* 68.83±10.38*
模型组 8 69.63±9.71* 0.23±0.07* 156.92±26.38* 59.44±13.54*
补肾组 7 73.92±11.78* 0.24±0.09* 126.83±18.53* 69.56±22.97*


组别 n CHOL(mmol/L) TG(mmol/L) HDL-C(mmol/L) LDL-C(mmol/L) Apo-A(mg/L) Apo-B(mg/L)
对照组 10 1.78±0.32 0.83±0.25 0.48±0.15 1.81±0.27 0.35±0.01 0.09±0.01
去势组 8 2.14±0.26* 1.19±0.46* 0.45±0.08 1.74±0.51* 0.24±0.16* 0.14±0.07*
高脂组 10 15.52±3.85* 1.90±0.51* 0.40±0.17* 6.89±1.80* 0.10±0.02* 0.75±0.11*
模型组 8 20.34±3.99* 3.20±0.36* 0.36±0.19* 8.85±1.47* 0.04±0.01* 0.88±0.34*
补肾组 7 17.87±3.97* 2.80±0.88* 0.34±0.11* 8.00±2.07* 0.22±0.09* 0.22±0.05*


组别 n 内膜厚度(μm) 中膜厚度(μm) 比值(%)
对照组 10 33.32±7.26 375.5±52.7 9.03±2.46
去势组 8 50.99±15.88 397.3±149.8 14.48±6.87
高脂组 10 202.43±30.89** 364.1±26.8 55.81±9.21**
模型组 8 234.32±26.38** 354.4±69.8 67.95±12.80**
补肾组 7 110.12±10.26** 380.2±28.8 29.01±2.54**
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