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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2003, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (4): 259-261.doi: 10.3736/jcim20030408

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Influence of cervical curvature change on the nerve root and vertebral artery of patients with cervical spondylosis and clinical observation of manipulation treatment

Gui-kang Wei, Jian Wei, Hong-hai Zhou, Bin-bin Zhou, Feng Chen, Rong Huang, Xin-jiao Li   

  1. Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanning, Guangxi Province 530001, China
  • Received:2003-09-04 Online:2003-12-20 Published:2003-12-20


To observe the influence of the change of cervical curvature on the nerve root and the vertebral artery of the patients with cervical spondylosis and the curative effect of therapeutic manipulations.


Sixty cases of cervical spondylosis with the change of cervical curvature, 60 cases of cervical spondylosis without the change of cervical curvature and 60 normal people were chosen. They were clinically observed and the cervical spondylosis was treated by manipulations and the data was processed according to the principle of statistics.


The change of cervical curvature affected the nerve root and the vertebral artery and therapeutic manipulations produced a satisfactory curative effect.


Cervical spondylosis with change of cervical curvature has special characteristics in the etiology, course and state of the disease. The change of cervical curvature produces an effect on the nerve root and the vertebral artery. Selected therapeutic manipulations produce a better curative effect.

Key words: cervical vertebrae, nerve roots, vertebral artery, manipulation therapy

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  • R244.1


组 别 n 治愈 显效 有效 无效 治愈和显
观察组 60 33(55) 12(20) 12(20) 3(5) 45(75)
对照组1 60 33(55) 12(20) 13(22) 2(3) 45(75)


组 别 n 疼痛 放射痛 远端障碍 上肢腱反射异常 椎间孔变窄 肌电图异常
观察组 60 2.5±0.5* 2.4±04* 2.3±0.5* 1.5±0.1* 1.4±0.5* 1.0±0.2*
对照组1 60 2.0±0.4 1.9±0.1 1.8±0.1 1.2±0.1 1.0±0.3 0.6±0.3


组 别 n 左椎动脉 右椎动脉 基底动脉
观察组 60 治疗前 25.20±8.4* 22.80±8.1* 28.40±5.7
治疗后 27.23±9.3*△▲ 23.80±8.4* 28.60±7.7
对照组1 60 治疗前 28.86±9.9 27.40±7.02 29.10±8.1
治疗后 29.74±6.2 27.90±7.12 29.80±7.6
对照组2 60 30.80±8.1 26.70±6.40 30.90±7.1


组 别 n 左椎动脉 右椎动脉 基底动脉
观察组 60 治疗前 0.484±0.05* 0.524±0.02* 0.464±0.08
治疗后 0.464±0.04*△▲ 0.474±0.031△▲▲ 0.474±0.06
对照组1 60 治疗前 0.454±0.06 0.484±0.04 0.464±0.04
治疗后 0.444±0.04 0.474±0.01▲▲ 0.464±0.06
对照组2 60 0.434±0.06 0.444±0.01 0.454±0.08


组 别 n 治疗前 治疗后
观察组 60 4.784±4.2** 6.804±3.60▲▲
对照组1 60 9.46±2.62 9.22±3.10
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