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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2006, Vol. 4 ›› Issue (4): 425-426.doi: 10.3736/jcim20060423

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Treatment of chronic renal insufficiency with losartan and traditional Chinese drug for invigorating spleen and kidney

Wei Deng, Hao-gu Ding, Jing Chen   

  1. Department of Nephrology, Shanghai Integrative Medicine Hospital, Shanghai 200082, ChinaAbstract
  • Online:2006-07-31 Published:2006-07-15

Key words: Losartan, Chronic renal Insufficiency, Treatment outcome

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  • R563.9


组别 n sCr(mmol/L) BUN(mmol/L) UA(mmol/L) 24h尿蛋白定量(g)
治疗前 45 237.90±70.02 13.10±5.40 510.20±90.40 1.90±0.92
治疗后 45 166.12±36.40** 7.40±3.60** 312.60±83.20** 1.03±0.18**
治疗前 41 238.70±66.75 12.45±5.21 535.30± 84.10 1.92±0.94
治疗后 41 173.20±35.25** 8.50±2.30** 389.80±80.40** 1.37±0.29*
治疗前 44 236.90±72.20 13.28±5.90 518.50±80.60 1.91±0.91
治疗后 44 214.50±55.60 10.90±3.00 511.70±78.50 1.76±0.32


组别 n 收缩压 舒张压
治疗前 45 167.5±11.1 101.1±7.8
治疗2周后 45 148.4±10.2 94.2±6.8
治疗4周后 45 138.9±10.5* 89.2±6.5*
治疗8周后 45 128.0±9.7** 82.0±4.1**
治疗前 41 168.2±12.1 101.2±7.8
治疗2周后 41 150.7±12.2 94.2±6.5
治疗4周后 41 141.3±9.2* 88.6±6.4*
治疗8周后 41 128.8±12.4** 82.2±4.4**
治疗前 44 167.1±9.7 99.8±7.1
治疗2周后 44 152.4±8.7 94.0±6.3
治疗4周后 44 140.0±11.5* 94.2±4.6
治疗8周后 44 138.2±11.4* 89.4±6.0*
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