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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2008, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (2): 157-162.doi: 10.3736/jcim20080210

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Effects of active component in Cichorii on lipid metabolism of rat with hypertriglyceridemia complicated by hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia

Hui Li, Xiao-qing Liu, Bing Zhang(), Li Ni, Zhi-jian Ling   

  1. School of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029, China
  • Received:2007-04-16 Online:2008-02-20 Published:2008-02-15
  • Contact: ZHANG Bing

Objective:To observe the effect of active component in Cichorii (N3) on lipid metabolism of rat with hypertriglyceridemia complicated by hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia.

Methods:Hypertriglyceridemia complicated by hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia was induced in rats by feeding a kind of feedstuff containing high fructose for 21 days. Then three different doses of N3 were administered continuously to the rats for 35 days. The effects of N3 on lipid metabolism were observed by determining the levels of serum triglyceride (TG), uric acid (UA), glucose (GLU) and free fatty acids (FFA) and the activities of fatty acid synthetase (FAS) and hepatic lipase (HL) from the liver and lipoprotein lipase (LPL) from the heart.

Results:Twenty-one days after feeding a high-fructose diet, the levels of serum UA, TG and GLU in the untreated group were significantly higher than those of the normal control group. Thirty-five days after administering N3, there was no statistical difference in serum TG and heart LPL activity between the untreated group and the normal control group, while liver FAS activity, serum FFA level and liver HL activity in the untreated group were significantly higher than those in the normal control group. Different doses of N3 treated rats all showed a decrease of TG, UA and GLU levels. N3 could decrease FAS activity and FFA level, and increase LPL and HL activities significantly.

Conclusion:N3 in Cichorii may regulate the lipid metabolism of the rats with hypertriglyceridemia complicated by hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia by decreasing FAS activity and FFA level, and increasing LPL and HL activities.

Key words: Cichorii, hypertriglyceridemia, uric acid, hyperglycemia, rats

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  • R589.2

Table 1

Changes of the levels of serum TG, UA and GLU in rats ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n Serum TG level (mmol/L) Serum UA level (μmol/L) Serum GLU level (mmol/L)
Day 10 Day 21 Day 10 Day 21 Day 10 Day 21
Normal control 10 1.35±0.24 1.22±0.21 64.20±20.38 52.69±8.61 2.15±0.66 3.79±0.39
Untreated 50 1.56±0.23* 1.76±0.42** 70.80±10.36 65.05±13.6* 1.65±0.7 4.55±0.63**

Table 2

Levels of serum TG, UA and GLU in rats at different administration time ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n TG (mmol/L) UA (μmol/L) GLU (mmol/L)
Normal control
7th day of administration 10 1.15±0.21 55.63±8.10 2.12±0.61
19th day of administration 10 1.00±0.17 48.84±7.42 2.86±0.71
35th day of administration 10 1.10±0.21 44.72±9.79 2.30±0.40
7th day of administration 10 1.69±0.36** 86.61±21.62** 2.78±0.41**
19th day of administration 10 1.62±0.32** 62.90±12.55** 3.65±0.72*
35th day of administration 10 1.95±0.39** 71.69±19.47** 2.93±0.72*
7th day of administration 10 1.27±0.12△△ 98.97±21.28 2.97±0.79
19th day of administration 10 1.54±0.25 123.10±27.45△△ 3.72±0.47
35th day of administration 10 1.22±0.23△△ 116.68±31.58△△ 3.50±0.70
High-dose N3-treated
7th day of administration 10 1.25±0.19△△ 112.67±51.23 2.59±0.79
19th day of administration 10 1.38±0.26 107.83±35.91△△ 1.79±0.70△△
35th day of administration 10 1.02±0.17△△ 76.68±20.03 2.10±0.73
Medium-dose N3-treated
7th day of administration 10 1.23±0.26△△ 90.86±25.43 2.70±0.81
19th day of administration 10 1.30±0.41 83.66±14.94△△ 2.31±0.53△△
35th day of administration 10 1.16±0.18△△ 53.28±18.41 2.13±0.71
Low-dose N3-treated
7th day of administration 10 1.32±0.23 87.99±32.01 2.42±0.78
19th day of administration 10 1.46±0.34 78.01±22.47 2.58±0.68△△
35th day of administration 10 1.29±0.49△△ 55.20±11.98 2.30±0.47

Table 3

Changes of serum FFA level, liver FAS, HL and heart LPL activities in rats on the 35th day of administration ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n Liver FAS activity
Serum FFA level
Heart LPL activity
Liver HL activity
Normal control 10 25.44±8.88 1 772.10±291.33 8.56±2.58 2.74±0.66
Untreated 10 37.36±7.92** 2 156.25±181.94** 8.45±2.22 1.98±0.24**
Fenofibrate-treated 10 28.47±6.56△△ 1 943.70±220.79 9.02±2.23 2.35±0.38
High-dose N3-treated 10 25.86±7.19 1 897.73±189.17 9.71±2.25 2.84±0.79△△
Medium-dose N3-treated 10 29.65±5.49 1 646.59±677.35 10.83±0.36△△ 2.56±0.59△△
Low-dose N3-treated 10 29.22±9.51 1 893.60±158.20△△ 10.75±0.67△△ 2.44±0.63

Table 4

Results of the levels of Ins and ISI in rats on the 35th day of administration ($\bar{x}$±s)"

Group n Ins (mU/L) ISI
Normal control 10 183.99±24.15 –(2.62±0.12)
Untreated 10 153.71±33.74* –(2.63±0.12)
Fenofibrate-treated 10 104.06±66.20* –(2.45±0.36)
High-dose N3-treated 10 145.75±72.34* –(2.46±0.47)
Medium-dose N3-treated 10 129.34±50.90* –(2.40±0.31)
Low-dose N3-treated 10 148.89±37.70* –(2.51±0.15)
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