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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2007, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (1): 56-60.doi: 10.3736/jcim20070111

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Inhibitory effects of 11 coumarin compounds against growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J in vitro

Xiu-wei Yang, Bo Xu, Fu-xiang Ran, Rui-qing Wang, Jun Wu, Jing-rong Cui   

  1. The State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Peking University, Beijing 100083, China
  • Online:2007-01-31 Published:2007-01-21

Objective: To screen antitumor active compounds, drug-like or leading compounds from Chinese traditional and herbal drugs.

Methods: Eleven coumarin compounds isolated from the Chinese traditional and herbal drugs were studied for their antitumor activities in vitro by determining the inhibition rates against growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J.

Results: It showed that umbelliferone, scoparone, demethylfuropinarine, isopimpinellin, forbesoside, columbianadin, decursin and glycycoumarin inhibited the growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J in vitro and their activities showed a concentration-effect relationship. The inhibitory effects of forbesoside, columbianadin, decursin and umbelliferone, with IC50 values of 7.50×10 -7, 2.30×10 -6, 6.00×10 -6 and 1.30×10 -6 mol/L, respectively, were stronger than those of the other tested compounds. However, xanthotoxin, esculin and sphondin did not inhibit the growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J in this assay condition. 

Conclusion: These findings indicate that forbesoside, columbianadin, esculin, decursin and umbelliferone would be effective or regarded as potent drug-like or leading compounds against human bladder carcinoma.

Key words: Chinese herbal drugs, coumarins, bladder neoplasms

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  • R737.11

Table 1

Name, source and contained part in plant of 11 coumarins compounds"

No. Name Source Part
1 Umbelliferone 狭叶当归Angelica anomala Root
2 Esculin 日本白蜡树Fraxinus japonica Stem bark
3 Scoparone 茵陈蒿Artemisia capillaris Whole plant
4 Demethylfuropinarine 狭叶羌活Notopterygium incisum Underground part
5 Isopimpinellin 东当归Angelica acutiloba Fruit
6 Xanthotoxin 东当归Angelica acutiloba Fruit
7 Forbesoside 狭叶羌活Notopterygium incisum Underground part
8 Columbianadin 大活Angelica dahurica Root
9 Sphondin 软毛独活Heracleum lanatum Root
10 Decursin 朝鲜当归Angelica gigas Root
11 Glycycoumarin 乌拉尔甘草Glycyrrhiza uralensis Root

Figure 1

Structures of 11 tested coumarin compounds"

Figure 2

Concentration-effect curves of tested compounds against growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J ○:1; ◆:3; ■:4; ▲:5; :7; :8; □:10; ●:11."

Table 2

IC50 values of coumarin compounds against growth of human bladder carcinoma cell line E-J"

No. Compound name IC50 (mol/L)
1 Umbelliferone 1.30×10-6
3 Scoparone 1.80×10-5
4 Demethylfuropinarine 1.60×10-5
5 Isopimpinellin 4.70×10-5
7 Forbesoside 7.50×10-7
8 Columbianadin 2.30×10-6
10 Decursin 6.00×10-6
11 Glycycoumarin 1.90×10-5
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