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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2003, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (3): 209-210.doi: 10.3736/jcim20030319

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Original studies on anti-tumor and immunological effect of extracts from Thymus quinquecostatus Celak in mice

Zhen-xiao Sun(), Jin-hua Sun, Shuang Cheng, Qing-wen Ma, Shan-li Guo, Jin-bao Zhang   

  1. Department of Biology, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, Shandong Province 252059, China
  • Received:2003-07-29 Online:2003-09-20 Published:2003-09-20


To study the anti-tumor and immunological effect of extracts from Thymus quinquecostatus Celak on mice transplanted S180 tumor cells.


Different doses of volatile oil and alcohol extracted substances from Thymus quinquecostatus Celak were given to mice bearing S180 tumor for 9 days. Tumor inhibition rates and coefficients of spleen and thymus were determined.


Tumor inhibition rates of the groups with alcohol extracts (40 g crude drug·kg -1·d -1 and 20 g crude drug·kg -1·d -1) were 51.5% (P<0.01) and 36.4% (P<0.05) respectively, and those of the groups with volatile oil (40 g crude drug·kg -1·d -1 and 20 g crude drug·kg -1·d -1) were both 39.4% (P<0.05).


The extracts from Thymus quinquecostatus Celak have anti-tumor activities. The coefficient of spleen in group with alcohol extracts (40 g crude drug·kg -1·d -1) was close to normal value, and its coefficient of thymus was between that of the negative control group and the group with cyclophosphamide (0.02 g·kg -1·d -1). The anti-tumor activity of the alcohol extracts was significantly higher than that of the control group and the tumor inhibition rate was depending on drug concentration. Depending on index of immunity, the extracts from Thymus quinquecostatus Celak may have some influences on immunity.

Key words: Thymus quinquecostatus Celak, antineoplastic agents, coefficient of spleen, coefficient of thymus

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  • R286.91


组 别 给药剂量
始动物数 末动物数 始体重(g) 末体重(g) 瘤重(g) 抑瘤率(%)
阴性对照组 - 12 12 20.35±1.35 22.10±2.48 0.66±0.34 -
A高浓度组 40 11 8 20.50±1.23 19.23±2.71 0.40±0.21 39.4*
A低浓度组 20 11 10 20.15±1.26 17.52±3.29 0.40±0.21 39.4*
B高浓度组 40 11 8 20.38±1.51 18.40±1.12 0.32±0.04 51.5**
B低浓度组 20 11 9 20.21±1.47 19.82±2.45 0.42±0.20 36.4*
环磷酰胺组 0.02 (g·kg-1·d-1 11 11 20.14±1.57 20.51±2.58 0.17±0.07 74.2**


组 别 给药剂量
始动物数 末动物数 脾指数 比率(%) 胸腺指数 比率(%)
正常组 8 8 4.41±0.70 100 4.44±1.47 100
阴性对照组 12 12 5.64±0.86** 127.9 3.24±1.59 73.0
A高浓度组 40 11 8 5.23±1.33** 118.6 1.77±0.66** 39.9
A低浓度组 20 11 10 4.99±1.18 113.2 1.96±1.03** 44.1
B高浓度组 40 11 8 4.82±1.23 109.3 1.96±0.99** 44.1
B低浓度组 20 11 9 5.69±2.16** 129.0 2.55±1.55* 57.4
环磷酰胺组 0.02(g·kg-1·d-1 11 11 3.73±1.24** 84.6 1.39±0.97** 31.3
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