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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2008, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (10): 1005-1009.doi: 10.3736/jcim20081004

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Therapy mainly for strengthening healthy energy to promote blood circulation in treating 112 diabetic patients with gangrene

Yun-fei Wang, Hua-fa Que(), Huan-yu Xiang, Jie-nan Xu, Han-jun Tang   

  1. Department of Chinese Traditional Surgery, Longhua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 200032, China
  • Received:2008-04-09 Online:2008-10-20 Published:2008-10-15


To evaluate the effects of the therapy mainly for strengthening healthy energy to promote blood circulation in treating diabetic patients with gangrene.


A series of 112 diabetic patients with gangrene were investigated before and after treatment in the changes of wounds, clinical symptoms and quality of life.


Fifty-eight cases were cured, 12 cases showed response, 36 cases improved, and 6 cases failure of treatment. The total obvious effect rate was 62.5% (70/112) and the amputation rate was 8.9% (10/112). The 104 diabetic cases of three-stage gangrene were classified into gradeⅠ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ. The total effect rates of the diabetic cases of gradeⅠ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ were 83.3% (30/36), 55.6% (35/63) and 20% (1/5), and the amputation rates were 0%, 12.7% (8/63), and 40% (2/5) respectively. After the treatment, the clinical symptoms, gangrene number, gangrene area and gangrene depth were obviously improved (P<0.05), and the quality of life was obviously improved (P<0.01), especially in physical condition, emotional well-being and therapeutic effects on patients (P<0.05).


Strengthening healthy energy to promote blood circulation is effective in treating diabetic patients with gangrene.

Key words: strengthening body resistance, activating blood, diabetic foot, gangrene, clinical research

CLC Number: 

  • R587.25

Table 1

Traditional Chinese medicine syndrome quantization in the diabetic patients with gangrene before and after treatment (x±s)"

Item Before treatment After treatment Item Before treatment After treatment
Gangrene number 2.37±0.10 1.52±0.09** Fever 1.31±0.06 1.05±0.04**
Gangrene depth 3.45±0.11 1.77±0.11** Thirstiness 3.30±0.09 2.28±0.07**
Gangrene area 2.63±0.09 1.88±0.11** Fatigue 3.51±0.08 2.42±0.01**
Color of ulcer surface 3.91±0.13 1.78±0.12** Loss of appetite 2.47±0.10 1.88±0.08**
Granulation tissue 4.51±0.11 1.79±0.12** Breathing hard 3.09±0.10 2.38±0.09**
Neonatal epithelial tissue 4.61±0.11 2.11±0.14** Facial color 2.67±0.08 2.14±0.08**
Distance of intermittent claudication 4.80±0.07 3.96±0.12** Perspire 2.17±0.09 1.79±0.07**
Skin color 3.67±0.10 2.16±0.11** Dizziness 2.71±0.08 2.01±0.07**
Skin temperature 2.77±0.10 1.79±0.09** Soreness 3.42±0.08 2.50±0.08**
Muscular atrophy 1.65±0.09 1.65±0.08 Yellow urine 2.31±0.09 1.88±0.08**
Anesthesia 2.78±0.11 2.13±0.10** Constipation 1.99±0.09 1.45±0.06**
Pain 3.63±0.11 2.26±0.11** Loose stool 1.10±0.04 1.12±0.04
Dyskinesia 4.10±0.10 3.40±0.13** Pulse rate 1.62±0.07 1.26±0.05**
Arterial pulse 3.07±0.12 2.85±0.12* Total 82.64±1.14 58.00±1.62**
Ankle/Brachial index 3.20±0.13 2.92±0.12**

Table 2

Quality of life scores in the diabetic patients with gangrene before and after treatment (x±s)"

Item Before treatment After treatment
Physical effects 33.67±2.05 29.38±2.07**
Psychological effects 18.57±0.88 15.91±0.70**
Society relation effects 6.71±0.47 6.57±0.42
Therapeutic effects 5.57±0.45 4.76±0.37**
Did your eyesight have harmful effects on your daily life? 2.86±0.38 2.43±1.40**
Did your skin or foot disease have harmful effects on your life? 4.19±0.29 3.43±0.31**
Did your reaction ability to external world decrease? 2.52±0.21 1.95±0.22**
Did you have hunger feeling? 2.05±0.31 1.62±0.21*
Did you have thirstiness or frequent micturition? 3.05±0.33 1.95±0.15**
Did diabetes take trouble and inconvenience to your daily life? 3.67±0.30 3.10±0.25**
Did diet control make you feel annoy? 2.81±0.30 2.00±0.22**
Did you have the sensory of stress? 1.48±0.18 1.14±0.08*
Were you satisfied with the present treatment? 3.00±0.20 2.33±0.19**
Did you have hypoglycemia reaction such as palpitation or dizziness? 1.67±0.20 1.43±0.15*
Did diet control have limitation on your life mode or habit? 2.81±0.30 2.19±0.24**
Total 64.52±2.95 56.62±2.69**
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