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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine ›› 2007, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (2): 189-192.doi: 10.3736/jcim20070218

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Effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem on peripheral blood cell counts of 60Co r ray irradiated mice

Hong Wang, Ping Liu, Chang Dai, Dong-xiao Wang   

  1. Research Institute for Clinical Pharmacology, General Hospital of People's Liberation Army of China, Beijing 100853, China
  • Online:2007-03-31 Published:2007-03-15

Objective: To investigate the effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem (Spatholobus suberectu, Mucuna birdwoodiana, Millettia oosperma and Millettia dielsiana) on peripheral blood cell counts of mice with bone marrow suppression induced by 60Co γ ray irradiation. 

Methods: Bone marrow suppression was induced by sublethal dose of 60Co γ ray in mice. White blood cell (WBC), red blood cell (RBC) and platelet (PLT) counts in peripheral blood of the mice were detected one day, 3, 7, 14 and 21 days after intragastric administration of different doses of the four kinds of suberect spatholobus stem, respectively. 

Results: A slowdown of the decrease of WBC, RBC and PLT counts in peripheral blood of the mice with bone marrow suppression was observed after intragastric administration. The WBC, RBC and PLT counts in the Mucuna birdwoodiana-treated and Spatholobus suberectu-treated groups were significantly higher than those in the untreated group (P<0.05). 

Conclusion: All the four kinds of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem can accelerate the recovery of WBC, RBC and PLT counts in peripheral blood of mice with bone marrow suppression, while the effects of Spatholobus suberectu and Mucuna birdwoodiana are relatively good.

Key words: suberect spatholobus stem, leukocytes, erythrocytes, blood platelets, mice

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  • R285

Table 1

Effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem on WBC count in radiated mice (ヌ±S,×109/L, n=10)"

GroupWBC count at different time
Pre-radiation1 d post-radiation3 d post-radiation7 d post-radiation14 d post-radiation21 d post-radiation
Normal control9.46±0.8110.64±3.56**8.58±2.55**9.08±3.12**9.64±2.68**10.32±2.61**
High-dose SS-treated11.68±2.642.00±0.841.26±0.901.98±0.40**2.94±2.16*10.74±3.40**
Low-dose SS-treated10.90±2.202.98±1.421.32±1.012.34±0.89**4.20±2.78**9.68±1.60**
High-dose MB-treated10.86±1.141.88±0.780.86±0.262.30±0.62**3.46±1.05**9.79±1.97**
Low-dose MB-treated10.80±1.402.66±0.631.48±0.433.42±0.96**4.36±1.10**10.22±2.69**
High-dose MD-treated10.06±1.551.78±0.670.86±0.181.30±0.892.12±1.387.56±2.74
Low-dose MD-treated11.60±2.551.28±0.470.86±0.331.22±0.662.36±1.578.22±2.83
High-dose MO-treated10.14±2.141.66±1.650.90±0.211.62±0.84*2.30±1.266.84±2.54
Low-dose MO-treated10.45±1.432.01±0.550.99±0.461.76±1.03*2.98±1.33**7.86±2.44

Table 2

Effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem on RBC count in radiated mice (ヌ±S,×1012/L, n=10)"

GroupRBC count at different time
Pre-radiation1 d post-radiation3 d post-radiation7 d post-radiation14 d post-radiation21 d post-radiation
Normal control8.08±0.468.16±0.688.24±1.168.40±0.59**8.64±0.68**8.40±0.28**
High-dose SS-treated7.30±0.767.38±0.926.78±0.906.16±1.006.44±1.907.82±1.32
Low-dose SS-treated7.80±0.607.36±0.786.88±0.706.80±0.86*7.80±1.50**7.84±0.30*
High-dose MB-treated7.68±0.886.98±1.147.64±0.946.96±1.16*7.26±1.68*8.60±1.44*
Low-dose MB-treated7.82±0.387.56±1.087.62±1.227.02±0.72*7.84±0.66**8.68±0.78**
High-dose MD-treated8.10±0.107.64±0.847.02±0.786.58±0.846.78±1.007.98±0.74*
Low-dose MD-treated7.44±0.426.86±0.746.64±1.066.26±1.046.40±1.787.58±1.32
High-dose MO-treated7.79±1.326.97±0.876.82±0.216.24±1.216.93±0.977.36±1.35
Low-dose MO-treated7.56±0.247.11±0.326.95±1.006.62±0.767.00±0.97*7.50±0.6

Table 3

Effects of heterogenous suberect spatholobus stem on PLT count in radiated mice (ヌ±S,×1012/L, n=10)"

GroupPLT count at different time
Pre-radiation1 d post-radiation3 d post-radiation7 d post-radiation14 d post-radiation21 d post-radiation
Normal control576.2±25.5542.0±12.2540.2±29.9539.8±20.6**540.6±23.9**574.6±134.2**
High-dose SS-treated524.3±53.4501.7±23.5421.2±56.2304.0±24.9**324.0±19.2496.3±41.3*
Low-dose SS-treated517.2±63.2473.0±67.6461.0±63.3316.0±25.2**365.4±35.4*519.4±21.4**
High-dose MB-treated531.6±54.9509.2±85.9453.8±18.1316.3±35.6**410.4±54.4**560.6±20.0**
Low-dose MB-treated515.4±5.5449.8±74.6427.4±22.4358.0±37.0**442.6±73.2**583.0±51.9**
High-dose MD-treated514.0±89.1407.6±53.0447.8±32.4140.2±28.1249.0±49.3452.6±116.5
Low-dose MD-treated582.0±1.4497.4±58.3455.6±41.7140.0±25.4287.8±72.5508.6±100.6
High-dose MO-treated510.0±25.9478.8±39.9322.2±61.3152.2±21.5226.4±47.0453.6±73.9
Low-dose MO-treated534.0±48.0401.3±45.0350.0±22.0201.2±11.0279.0±23.0498.0±45.0*
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